Traveling to and within the Bahamas

Once you have decided to visit the Bahamas, it can be helpful to know the best way to get here. If you are traveling from the United States to Nassau, you can catch a flight from most US airports directly into Nassau.

Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, Harbor Island

If you are traveling to Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, Harbor Island, or any surrounding areas you can fly into ELH in North Eleuthera, Governor’s Harbor (GHB) or Rock Sound (RSD).  Major airlines that fly into these airports include Delta, American, United, and Silver. Bahama’s Air also makes flights from Florida to the Bahamas.

You may also take a flight into Nassau and then fly to your desired location from there using Bahamas Air or Pineapple Air. Another option is the Bahamas Fast Ferry. Make sure and make your reservations in advance and pay special attention to the departure times because they only leave once per day. Another option would be chartering a smaller certified plane.

Once you arrive at your desired airport, if you are traveling to one of the Cays or out islands, you will have to arrange for a taxi and water taxi service to get you there. The government ferry is a great way to go, or there are also multiple taxi services you can make arrangements with prior to your departure.


When traveling to Nassau, you will arrive at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), there are several airlines that offer direct flights to LPIA from the United States. These include Delta, American, BahamasAir, United, JetBlue, and Southwest. You may also charter a flight from a smaller certified plane.

You may also take the Bahamas ferry from one of the other islands. Check their website for prices and schedules.

Once you arrive in Nassau available forms of transportation include taxis, rental cars, buses, and scooters.

Bimini or Grand Bahama

If you are traveling to Bimini or Grand Bahama there is a fast ferry that can take you there directly from Ft. Lauderdale. They give you the option of a day trip or overnight. You may choose to fly, and if you do, you can choose from several different carriers including, but not limited to Delta, Jet Blue, American, BahamasAir, and Silver. When flying into Bimini you will fly into South Bimini Airport (BIM). If you are going to Grand Bahama the Grand Bahama airport (GBIA) is located in Freeport.

Abaco or Treasure Cay

If you are traveling to Abaco or Treasure Cay, you can get connecting flights to Marsh Harbour (MHH) out of Florida on American, Delta, BahamasAir, or Silver. You can also fly from Nassau on one of the major carriers, charter a small plane, or use Bahamas Ferries.

Long Island

If you are planning a trip to Long Island, you can fly to Deadman’s Cay (South) (LGI)or Stella Maris (SML) (North) airport from Florida or Nassau. There are two airlines that fly between Nassau and Long Island: Bahamasair and Southern Air Charter. They each take online bookings on their own web sites. From there you have anywhere from a 25 to 45 minute drive depending on which airport you choose. Rental cars are available.

You can also charter a small plane from either Florida, Nassau, or Exuma to reach Long Island. A quick Google search may help you choose the right one for you.


If you are traveling to Exuma you will likely arrive at the Exuma International Airport (GGT). It is located on the largest island. Delta, American, and United all fly into GGT.  There are also regular chartered flights out of Staniel Cay Airport (MYES) and  Black Point Airport (MYEB).  If you prefer to travel by sea, you can get there from Nassau with Bahamas Ferry Service.

Cars are available for rent or taxi services are also an option. If you are in George Town, you may prefer to walk or bicycle.

Andros Island

If you are traveling to Andros Island, there are four airports on Andros: the San Andros International Airport (SAQ), Andros Town Airport (ASD), Clarence A. Bain Airport, Mangrove Cay (MAY) and Congo Town Airport (TZN. Many people find it easiest to fly into the Nassau airport then charter a flight over or travel on the ferry from Nassau. You may even charter a flight from Ft. Lauderdale. The ferry between Potter’s Cay, Nassau and Fresh Creek, Andros runs twice a week. The schedule is subject to change. Please see the Bahamas Ferries website for details and current schedule. Call for reservations: 1-242-323-2166. Approximate duration of trip is somewhere around 2 and a half hours.

Taxis are available from the airport and the docks to take you to your destination. If you arrive at San Andros or Andros Town, there are cars available for rent as well.

Acklins and Crooked Island

There are two airports that serve Acklins and Crooked Island. They are Spring Point Airport (AXP) in Acklins and the Crooked Island Airport (CRI) in Colonel Hill. From the United States, you may fly directly on BahamasAir or fly into Nassau and charter a flight into one of the two airports. There is limited taxi service and several of the hotels in the area arrange for transportation to and from the airport. Car rental is also available.

The Berry Islands

Two airports serve The Berry Islands: Great Harbour Cay Airport (GHC) and Chub Cay Airport (CCZ). Daily scheduled air service is available from Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and Florida into Great Harbour Cay. You may charter a flight or fly into Nassau (LPIA) and charter a flight to GHC.

Bicycles, cars, scooters, or golf carts are available for rent once you are on the island. There is also a ferry service available to take you to the outlying cays.

Cat Island

There are two airports that serve Cat Island: Arthur’s Town Airport (ATC) and New Bight Airport (TBI). You can fly into Nassau and charter a plane fly from Fort Lauderdale. If you choose to charter a plane, there a number of charter services available.

Cars are available for rent on the island and taxi services are also available. You may want to make arrangements with a local taxi service in advance of traveling.


There is one airport serving Inagua: Matthew Town Airport (IGA). It offers regular scheduled air service from Nassau (LPIA) through Bahamasair. Charter service may also be arranged.

You may rent a golf cart or car once you are on the island and many of the hotels arrange for transportation to and from the airport.


If you are traveling to Mayaguana, you will arrive at Mayaguana Airport (MYG) in Abraham’s Bay. It is the only airport on the island. BahamasAir makes regular flights from Nassau (LPIA) or you may charter a smaller plane.

Car rental from locals is available on the island and hotels will often arrange transport to and from the airport.

Rum Cay

There is a small airstrip at the Port Nelson Airport (RCY) that receives flights from Nassau by Pineapple Air. Charter air service can be arranged through any certified carrier. Private pilots may also go to for airport information.

There are golf carts available for rent and one taxi.

San Salvador

When traveling to San Salvador, you will arrive at San Salvador International Airport (ZSA). It offers daily flights from Nassau by Bahamasair and a weekly scheduled charter flight from Fort Lauderdale by Spirit and American Airlines.

Rental cars and scooters are available. Check with your hotel to see if they provide transportation to and from the airport.









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