Tips for Staying Hydrated and Healthy on the Water

The importance of staying hydrated while you are out on the water can not be overstated. Always remember to take more water than you think you will need.
As a general rule, try to avoid caffeine and alcohol while you are out on the water. Especially if you are boating. Alcohol and boating do not mix and is the leading cause of deaths when on the water. It is always smart to start out drinking water before your trip and start hydrating your body before you go. Remember to drink at least 16-32 ounces of water every hour (preferably 8oz or so every 20 minutes) and don’t wait until you are feeling thirsty to do it. Also, continue to consume water once you are off the water as well.
Another thing that I have found useful is to use a sports drink or a product like Rehydrate from AdvoCare. It replenishes lost electrolytes and other minerals that your body may have sweated out and gives you the added energy you may need. It comes in 6 flavors and you can buy it in bulk powder or single serve packets that easily add to your bottled water. V16 Is another AdvoCare product that is caffeine-free and refreshing, V16 offers a unique combination of adaptogens, nutrients and B vitamins to help provide quick energy and mental focus.
Make sure that you wear the proper breathable clothing, preferably with lots of ventilation and SPF fabric. There are several options available at different price ranges. Covering your head and face with a wide brim hat or other face mask is also a good idea and can save you from the burning the sensitive skin on your face, neck, and head area.
Always wear the proper eyewear. It is best to wear polarized sunglasses when possible to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and assist you in being able to see better while on the water.
Sunscreen and SPF rated lip balm are vital things to remember when you are out on the water. Decrease your chances of skin cancer from UV ray exposure by applying sunscreen frequently. SPF 15 minimum. Apply liberally and often. My recommendation is a waterproof sunscreen. Remember that waterproof doesn’t mean that you only apply it once. After you get wet or if you tend to sweat you will need to reapply it.

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