Spanish Wells Experts

There are few people on earth who have spent as much time on–and under–the seas seeking lobster and fish than Safari Guide James Dunnam. One area of worldwide renown is the Dutch Bar, just 5 miles off the coast of Spanish Wells, where the ocean floor descends from approximately 200 feet over a cliff that drops thousands of feet deep.  Go to BSFN Directory and get his report and more information from Bahamas Ocean Safari.

The waters around our island is home. From swimming, snorkeling, spear fishing, we did it all. It was part of our daily life. Sailing, and boating around the islands, is as natural as driving a car. Learning and discovering my surroundings by boat, taught me to respect and cherish the water, and I take pride in passing on my love & passion for this island retreat.”  Click Here for Video update

Tyson Newbold is more than familiar with the amazing waters and provides you with the best of the best for sport fishing.   Check out your water skills and try spear fishing and bring up a lobster this area is famous for.  Regardless of your fishing fever or taking a relaxing day touring, snorkeling and just enjoying the true Caribbean life Tyman has you covered.

Captain Ryan is an experienced fisherman as well as a professional angler. He spent nearly thirty years out on the Great Bahama Bank as a commercial lobster diver. At the age of six Captain Ryan had a fishing line in his hand fishing from dock to dock. He was born and raised in beautiful Spanish Wells,Bahamas and his love for fishing has increased over the years and inspired him to start his very own charter service—Spanish Wells Fishing Charters.