Scientists suspect the existence of a giant octopus around the Bahamas

Reports of sea monsters can be found in almost every corner of the globe, including the stories about huge sea serpents. But very interesting reports come from a resort Paradise in the Bahamas in the Caribbean sea. Something huge and ferocious inhabits the local waters.

Dean’s blue hole (not to be confused with the Great Blue Hole) – the now-famous deep blue hole on the planet (the term blue hole is a common name for sinkholes filled with water and being below sea level).

Dean’s hole is located in the Bay West of the town of Clarence town (Bahamas) on long island. Its depth is 202 m. the Hole Dean is a very popular place for bathing tourists and dive divers, although the latter is considered to be very dangerous.

At depths divers can trap treacherous currents, disorientation, narrow passages and a mysterious monster, nicknamed “the Beast of Blue hole” (Blue Hole Beast).

Locals have long told stories about a monster that name is Lucca (Lusca). Lucca described as something that has a lot of sharp teeth and long, powerful tentacles like the octopus. Size Lucky huge and reach up to 60 meters.

They say she can change color like an octopus and looks like a hybrid of squid, eel and dragon. Overall description Lucky can vary, but a couple of details there will be the same – tentacles, and the voracity and aggressiveness.

Local residents say that Lucca lives in several local blue holes, including Dean’s Blue hole, and comes out to hunt at night and can even get out of the water and attack people in the city. During the day she sleeps in underwater caves.

Fishermen tell stories about what they saw as something was dragged beneath the water, the boat people next to the blue holes. On Lucku often hang the deaths of many divers who died while diving or even missing under water. And several times if the bodies were found divers from the sucker marks on the body, like the tentacles of a huge octopus.

Although it may be similar to the horrible tales for the entertainment of tourists, there are some cases which prove that not everything here is invented by the fishermen. In 2005, one of the divers said that when diving in the blue hole he was attacked by a huge octopus, whose length was at least 15 meters. The diver managed to escape, but the mollusk tentacles grabbed his camera and dragged to his cave.

Another diver claimed to have seen nurse sharks were captured in the water tentacle “in width with a Telegraph pole” and taken into the underwater cave.

There is also the story of the crew of a fishing vessel, which was seen as something very strong was trying to pull the buoys and drag them under the water. One of the buoys was attached directly to the boat and something grabbed him and was dragging with the boat.

The sonar on that boat at the same time showed a large pyramidal object under water, and after the buoys and the traps attached to them, were raised smetime and twisted and had been in a huge meat grinder.

The TV show “Destination Truth”, telling about various anomalous phenomena, was filming a story about this creature during the filming of their sonar showed the presence of a water in a large animal crawling on the cave wall.

Another popular television show “River Monsters” (“River monsters”) also did a story about Locke and although the host Jeremy Wade caught nothing unusual, he suggested that a monster may well be a very large octopus.

“A giant octopus could catch, and even eat a man. My studies of these creatures have shown that this amazing and clever predator and his behavior is impossible,” says Jeremy Wade.

Can Lusca to be more than an open view of a very large octopus? It is likely. In 2011, on the coast of the Bahamas washed strange carcass, which seemed to be only the head and mouth. If we accept that it was the remains of an octopus without tentacles, he in General would have a diameter of no less than 6-9 meters.

The largest known species of octopus is the giant octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini). Large specimens up to 150 cm and weigh about 30 kg. Was specimens weighing up to 50 kg and length 3 m. There are also unconfirmed reports of surveillance data octopus with a length of 4,3 meters.

Maybe some of them reach very large sizes? The problem is that the giant octopus live in the Pacific ocean, and not near the Bahamas (Atlantic ocean). However it shows that huge octopus can be a reality and not a myth.

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