News From B.R.E.E.F – Fishing Regulations

One of the best things about The Bahamas is the fishing and when you consider everything that The Bahamas has to offer, it is a very long list.  So, before you get ready to drop a line or put on your fins and ready your spear in the most beautiful water in the world you need to have an idea of the rules and regulations.

The list of rules and regulations is being brought you to by our friends and partners at B.R.E.E.F.  BREEF is a non-governmental nonprofit Bahamian foundation concerned with educating our people about the value of and need for conserving our marine environment who work hard to provide a Bahamas where all people appreciate the value of our seas and take action to ensure a healthy marine environment.

Be sure to go to the B.R.E.E.F website for all the information you need to about the fishing rules and regulations and much more.  Click Here

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