jody pinder-captain kid

Jody Pinder

BSFN Expert

Capt. Jody Pinder’s family has lived on the Island of Spanish Wells for many generations. Jody was given the nickname Kid when he started commercial lobster fishing with his older brother at the age of 18. Capt. Kid traces his family ancestry back to the Eleutheran Adventures who shipwrecked at Preachers Cave and settled the Bahamas in 1648.

Jody said, “We grew up here. The waters around our island is home. From swimming, snorkeling, spear fishing, we did it all. It was part of our daily life. Sailing, and boating around the islands, is as natural as driving a car. Learning and discovering my surroundings by boat, taught me to respect and cherish the water, and I take pride in passing on my love & passion for this island retreat.”  Click Here for Video update

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