Getting around Eleuthera and Spanish Wells

Keep in mind that when you arrive you will have to go through customs.  The experience may

be a little different than what you encounter in the United States. You will also need to be sure to have a passport that doesn’t expire within 6 months of your travel date.

From  North Eleuthera (ELH)

If you are staying on Eleuthera it is recommended that you rent a car for your stay since the island is long and narrow, and cab fares are expensive. Click here to find information about car rentals while staying on Eleuthera.


Before you travel it is a good idea to make arrangements with local taxi services to get you to your destination. Many of the caretakers for the rentals on the island will help you with this, but if you are staying in a resort, hotel, or just prefer to make your own travel arrangements, you have a few choices.

Pinder’s Taxi Service

Mr. Calvin & Gurney Pinder

(242) 359-7135 Calvin

(242) 557-7363 Gurney

David Albury (tours): 242-359-7728

Kean and Tia Stubbs (GHB & ELH): 242-422-9611 (c); 242-332-0344 (h); k.stubbs2009@hotmail.com

Fredrick (“fine threads”) Neely (entire island) : 242-359-7780,  fredrickakafinethreads@hotmail.com

If you are traveling to Spanish Wells or Harbour Island you can take the government ferry from the dock. Just let the driver know where you want to go. It is about a 5 min trip to either island.  If you are using Pinder’s taxi service they will likely also take care of your water taxi over to the island.


Once you arrive on the Island, the main form of transportation is golf carts.

Golf cart rentals are available on Spanish Wells at Harbourside Rentals (242) 333-5022 or JJ’s Rentals (242) 333-4575

On Harbour Island you can rent from:

Major’s Golf Cart Rentals 242-470-5065

Dunmoor Rentals 242-333-2372

Sunshine Cart Rentals 242-333-2509

Ross Garage Cart Rentals 242-333-2122


From Governor’s Harbour (GHB)

A few taxi services you can choose from include:

Arthur Nixon (taxi and rentals):  Cell: 242-359-7879

Israel Johnson: 242-554-5235, 242-335-6283, johnsonscarentals@hotmail.com

Rainbow Car Rental (all airports): 242-554-5990, 954-302-2582, andelaur1929@yahoo.com

Hilton Johnson: 242-359-7585

Naaman Rolle:  Cell: 242-359-7166; Home: 242-335-6474; banro2@batelnet.b

For more taxi services and car rentals from GHB click here  http://www.eleutheraparadise.com/transportation.html

From Rock Sound

Click here to find a list of taxi and rental services from Rock Sound


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