Dorian Devastation

Shocking is probably the best way to put the devastation that has been caused by this hurricane. As the water begins to recede, the reality of the overall truth in the devastation will be unimaginable. What’s more is the seclusion of the Bahamas islands, that for so long and so often been one of the main attractions is one of the greatest hardships in a case like this one. Our hearts are broken for the people in these areas, we spend a great deal of time calling charter boats trying to find fishing charters for our members and our friends and captains are always so willing to go that extra mile to help us.

Many of their lives will not get back to normal for a long time, if ever. Many have lost a business they may never get back while others will struggle to get back to what “once was”. We have started an attempt to raise money, just as a way initially to do what we are able to do. We have an initial goal of $50,000 US Dollars and we feel confident in hitting that initial goal. We are distributing those funds as close to the affected area as possible to ensure, through churches and organizations we trust and know, that 100% of this funding raised is going to help directly.

This will not be our only funding drive, we are preparing to set up another drive that will focus on long term housing and construction efforts to assist in any way we can. We will be creating avenues and fundraising to help assist our charter captain friends to get back to fishing as quickly as possible. We do not want to see efforts stop just because the news no longer finds it interesting.

Bahamas Sport Fishing Network was an idea and concept born in the Bahamas, by Bahamians and is still family-owned and will always work in everything we do to be a benefit for the people and businesses of The Bahamas.

If you are interested in giving please select this link and you will be sent directly to our gofundme account where you can easily and quickly give. Keep watch on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for updates.

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