Bahamas Fishing

What more could a person ask for?  Take a long weekend or a short week and head out to The Bahamas for a couple of days to fish some of the best waters in the world.  If you are like me and have fallen in love with The Bahamas then you can spend your rainy days in your real life looking out through a foggy or rain drenched window and dreaming about hearing that giant Canyon reel start to talk and whine as the most amazing Blue Marlin just got ‘On Da Hook’, breaches the water, gives you a fin-up with a fish-eye wink letting you know this is a great catch.  Then you wake up!

Maybe your dream isn’t exactly like mine, maybe it has more to do with bone-fishing or spending the day on your kayak, and let’s not forget about spearfishing and getting to bring up some Bahamian Beacon or a delicious lobster.

Whatever your Bahamian dream is we are here to provide you with some great tips for fishing or catching as our experts like to call a day out.  You need to know where to go, the guide to use, where to rent your equipment, boats, and even housing.

If you are not from The Bahamas, your very first trip can be a touch overwhelming when trying to decide where to go. That is, if you don’t want to do the normal tourist Nassau and Atlantis thing.  Which, by the way, is a great solution for your first trip to the islands especially if you are looking for that typical night life that is like any other city life in the U.S.

The Bahamas is made up of 700 islands. Only about 30 of them are inhabited, and there are around 2400 cays or reefs.  The Bahamas offers an amazing world that places you right in the middle of the turquoise waters.

The only problem is that there is more to see than places to stay for those of us who enjoy the adventure.  We will work to help you with this dilemma and let you know some of the best places to stay, hidden gems, and of course answer “how do I get there?”

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are over 2400 cays and you want to see as many of these as possible, not to mention the fishing.  The Bahamas is known for all kinds of amazing fishing and each location can provide you with a different fishing experience that you can use to help with the planning of your get away. We are going to introduce you to local business owners and local fishing guides, boat captains,

and others to help you make the most out of your trip.  So, whatever your reason for coming, be it great fishing, boating, excitement, relaxation or missionary related, we have answers to make your trip better.

We have had such a great time falling in love with these islands and the people that make up the individual communities we are definitely “On-Da-Hook” and we think you will be too.

Main photo from Captain Errol Thurston owner of Bahamian Adventures from Abaco, Bahamas.

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