August Fishing Report

Southern Bahamas

Northern Bahamas

If you’re ready to get some ‘fish-on’ the big hook then you may be a bit disappointed, Why, you ask? Because it’s hot, It’s really really hot. So our recommendation is to retool, spend some time resting your big reels and drop a hook down deep and pick up some good eaters. Groupers are jumping on pretty well all over along with other fish, Hogs are on the menu, active and its hard to find a better-eating fish than Bahamian bacon. Oh, you are interested in lobster, well get in the water and grab a bug because they are moving and all over the place from North to South. The season opened on August first and off to a great start, please be sure to mind fishing laws and pay attention to your sizes before you harvest. If it’s not big enough then let it go and let it go.

We are leaving a link so you can know what your lobster size restrictions are and all the other details that we don’t have room for on this report. Lobster fishing season rules.

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