A little salt and lime, please!

Lemon or lime – well I prefer lemon in my water, lemon on my shrimp scampi from Red Lobster but lime in all things sea food – that’s Bahamian sea-food. It is just like any other ingredients that you might add to a recipe – like salt and pepper but all dishes Bahamian – well lime is what I prefer.

A little salt and lime on my:
Conch – salad, fried, steamed, stewed!
Fish – fried, baked, grilled, steamed, stewed or salad – Tuna!
Crawfish (Bahamian Lobster – Spiny Lobster) – broiled, fried, grilled or in a salad!
You name it, sea food, cooked Bahamian style all I need it some salt and most of all some limes.

While adding a little of flavor there are also health benefits:
Helps your nerves
Helps your heart
It is an antioxidant
It detoxifies
It helps lower blood pressure
It helps with heartburn
It helps with constipation
It helps rejuvenates the skin
It reduces body odor
It reduces dandruff
It aides in weight loss

While providing you with some nutrients and vitamins like: fiber, protein, vitamin C, B6, calcium, iron, and potassium.

Come to Spanish Wells and put a little lime in your sea food. To me the island is full of great cooks. The local restaurants, well I have never tried nothing that I did not like from steamed conch to tuna steaks.
If you have a chance try some fresh squeezed lime aid.

Another way of adding lime to dishes such as boiled fish or conch salad is ‘ole sour’. This is squeezed limes, bottled with salt and a little pepper. To me this really adds a bit of flavor some may call it hot – hot spicy but to me it is not too spicy. But come on, see what fare Spanish Wells has to offer and put a little lime in your sea food!

Come to Spanish Wells, where the salt water offers you many benefits and hours of enjoyment and the sea food well it only needs you to add a little salt ‘n lime!

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