A view to remember

A view to remember

May 3, 2017

Article by: Tina Louise – www.paraliantranquility.com

From the first moment you board the ferry from North Eleuthera to head to SpanishWells, you have  a view. The view continues the whole boat ride into Spanish Wells harbor.  The entrance into the harbor is slow and whether is your first or twentieth visit to Spanish Wells the view is always spectacular. You never get tired of seeing it.

There is almost a calm that comes over you from the moment you board the ferry. The motion of the boat, the smell of the water, the sound of the waves against the boat, birds — hello Spanish Wells and thank you – me  – for taking a vacation.

Due to the size of Spanish Wells and Russell Island there are very few places for which there is not some view to behold. The view from the “butment” (or road near the harbor) or from a home on the sea or view from a restaurant.  All of them “awesome”.

The Sandbar on Russell Island, well, the food, the service – top notch. The view, can take it in every day, night or day. You are right on the water, the beach is right there only a few steps away.  The Shipyard which is the restaurant you see when you first start to enter the harbor. Again, fantastic food, excellent service and there is not a place for where there is not a fantastic view.

Both places, are perfect for those picture perfect pictures. To describe them sometimes there are no words and it is true, pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

Watching the boats come in for the for lunch or dinner, while watching the sunset, it is a way of life that totally allows you to really stop and smell the salt air. Stop, breathe it in, no fumes, no exhaust. Take it all in, the view and the salt air.

A day at the beach sunbathing, snorkling, looking for shells or a day out in the boat fishing, scuba diving – you feel the need to continue to continue your day.

A good meal, cold drink, great service and a view to me is the perfect way to end the day.  For many return visitors, it is also a chance to visit and catch up, have a night out with your friends.

I am more and more, becoming aware of things that I miss, the island life, friends, family, food and Spanish Wells itself.  I really miss it, more than I realized after being away from it for so long.   My entire body needed it , my mind finally found it’s shut off valve, even if only for a few days.

The question now: when will I get a chance to go there again?

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