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Not in the Bahamas or Caribbean? No worries our tournaments are about the fish not the location.  

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Catch your trophy fish, snap a picture in the app using the official sizing card and that fish is entered.

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 The thrill of hearing the drag of a reel scream still excites me as it did when I was a kid. He loves hooking Wahoo, Mahi, and Marlin any day of the week. I feel blessed to run a guide service that offers all kinds of tournament fishing.

Owner captain Luke Maillis is an avid fisherman and Spearo with 24 years of experience, he has what it takes to put the clients on the fish and show them an experience of a life time.

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Click below to listen to ESPN West Palm for the latest fishing news from Florida to the Bahamas. Hear from special guest Brooks Russell as he appears to give special updates about fishing in the Bahama waters.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get the app now by clicking on icon above.  Join as many tournaments as you like.  Tournament costs vary on the species and seasons.  

Each tournament may have special instructions based on species and regulations.  Remember, this is a world wide tournament series and all local rules, laws or fishing regulations apply, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Our tournaments are about having fun and promoting fishing.  We are working with great companies like drophook to guarantee a great time. 


First you must register by clicking HERE.  Then follow the instructions and get the drophook app, wait for the code to be sent to you on tournament day, then fish!

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